प्लुरल्स एडवाईजरी काउन्सिल

Introduction : The creation of Advisory Councils is a unique concept envisioned by Plurals to incorporate people’s expertise in the developmental process. Plurals strongly believes that if the dream of New Bihar in 2020-2030 is to be achieved, then people’s participation in the policy making process is a necessary requirement. Plurals invites all sections of society, from academicians to grassroots heroes and from subject-experts to working professionals, to be a part of these advisory councils. For now, Plurals Advisory Councils are constituted on three levels - Plurals Global Advisory Council (PGAC), National Advisory Council (PNAC) and Plurals State Advisory Councils (PSAC). At a later point of time, Plurals District Advisory Councils (PDAC) will also be constituted. These councils will continue to function even after the formation of government in the states. Before elections, these councils will contribute in making a perfect blueprint for the developmental agenda and once the government is formed in a particular state, these councils will constantly advice the governments in the evidence-based policymaking process.

Structure : As mentioned above, Plurals Advisory Councils will be the platform for academicians, professionals, subject experts and grassroots heroes having ideas, innovations and best practices. The councils will consist of 100 members at each level. These members will form the General Body of the council. There will be a Core Committee of the council consisting of the 10 most experienced members. There will be 10 focus groups of 10 members for 10 different domains at each level which will be headed by a subject-expert member of the core committee.

Domains : The primary domains of advisory are as follows which will be further divided into sub-domains as per the requirement:

  1. Agriculture including Animal Husbandry and Cooperatives

  2. Industry including ITES and SEZs

  3. Urban Revolution including PURA

  4. Big Infrastructure (motorways, dams, canals, hydroelectric etc)

  5. Health

  6. Education

  7. Institutional Reform (including PRIs, Police and law & order)

  8. Dignity (including Gender, Senior Citizens, Differently Abled and Social Security)

  9. Art, Culture, Sports and Tourism

  10. Sustainable Environment including the issues of Climate Change

Eligibility : To be a part of Plurals Advisory Councils, one needs to be an expert of the subject or have substantial experience in the domain with visible best practice examples. Such educational expertise or the working experience will required to be at global, national or state level for the consideration of a position in PGAC, PNAC and PSACs respectively.

Selection Process : Selection of an advisor will be made solely on the basis of a Curriculum Vitae (CV), a Statement of Purpose (SOP) in 1000 words, and one published academic article or a success story. The documents can be submitted both through online as well as offline mode.