"India deserves better, and better is possible."

Plurals agenda is complete transformation of politics in India. India is still not considered as a developed country even after seven decades of independence. There are many states where the underdevelopment evidently reflects the inhuman and unacceptable conditions in which the populace is forced to live. This plight can be solely attributed to the immoral, inefficient and incompetent governments.

Plurals aims to be elected to office as a responsible government that substantively represents and is genuinely accountable to the people. Thereafter, it will build strong institutions and design better policies to provide efficient public services to everyone regardless of their socio-economic status. Plurals will strive against the contrived economic, social and political conditions to build a country where every life is unquestionably equally valuable.

Our mission is to revive the struggling economy of India - to create a developed India that produces, innovates and invests in such a manner that it becomes the best liveable places in the world by 2030. Plurals will do so through evidence based policy making that stems from positive and programmatic politics.